Vera Brilliantova



About Vera

I like to be a photo model, the podium doesn’t attract me. Modeling has always been my passion that’s why I indulge myself to covering photo shoots. I maintain my shape through sports, it makes me feel so good and fit. I studied Service and Design which I can still utilize in the modeling world.

This 22-year old lady weighs 105 pounds and stance 5’3 ft. tall. I’ve got attractive brown eyes, and silky black hair. Aside from modeling, I do enjoy shooting in movies. My good communication skills, fast-learning ability, and presentable appearance keep me always ready for things like that. My brain is the best asset that I have since I always think first before making an action that soon saves me from trouble because I know I made the right decision. Cindy Crawford, an American actress and model, inspires me to be the better version of myself.

  • “Everything is beautiful if you look at it with love.”
    -Christian Morgenstern
  • “They never said winning is easy, but it’s definitely worth it.”