Princess Bautista



About Princess

I am Princess Bautista, 20 years old, a graduate of Computer Science but my love for showbusiness keeps me pursuing the modeling industry. I love covering for photo shoots, joining car shows and winning pageants. My eyes have always been the favorite of everyone but for me, it's my smile. Aside from modeling, I enjoy everything about KDramas because they have wonderful stories that tackle love, family, and comedy.

I have a round face with a cute dimple on the left cheek. I'm 5'4 ft. tall and 120 lbs in weight. I have long arms and legs too. My personality makes me unique. I am an easy going type of person, I am not a short-tempered woman with the willingness to help anyone any time. I have good leadership skills; I don't give up easily, and I pursue my goals wholeheartedly. Lastly, I love Jesus Christ. I enjoy his ways and his words more than I enjoy the ways and words of anyone else. I've won numerous awards in pageants way back college, and Ms. Demi-Leigh Peters, the Ms. Universe 2017, inspires me to become the woman I wish to be.

  • If you think you can win, you can win. Faith is necessary to victory.
  • "Sometimes people are beautiful.Not in looks.Not in what they say.Just in what they are. "