Alexandra Dorozhnyak




About Marlacarri

I’m a 25-year old woman who studied law and international relations at the International Humanitarian University. I’m both sassy and sporty in one. I’ve been going into sports for my whole life because I work on improving my physical body and health. I enjoy roller skating, photo shooting, live streaming, and book-reading. As I follow modern tendencies and trends, I would like to try being a scout manager.

I am very much keen to details which include grammatically correct speech and presentable appearance. What’s good about me is that I don’t let stress takes over me. I’m resistant to it that’s why I manage to be more productive. I have a sense of responsibility for everything I do. I do it with accuracy, attentiveness, and having a good heart while maintaining to work well with others.

Before I became part of Bonk Be.Live, I was working as a body-art model. Since I started to love modeling, Leila Goldkuhl of America’s Next Top Model, caught my attention. She’s extraordinarily beautiful.

  • “It’s not enough just to be born pretty, you have to improve yourself constantly.”
  • “Move only forward, never give up, and learn from your mistakes.”