Anna Pidlisetska

"Rabbit Girl"



About Anna

My real name is Anna but I prefer “Rabbit Girl” as my screen name. I’m 28 years old, with a Master’s Degree in Economics. I’ve already in modeling industry for 4 years now wherein I cover shoots for videos and photos with Elite Model Look team. I stance 5’4 ft, and weight 112 lbs. Aside from modeling, I work as a junior freelance photographer and i look forward to improving my skills in portrait, fashion and lifestyle photo. I participated in several exhibitions of young artists and I’ve been awarded several certificates in joining those events.

I describe myself as a funny, easy going person who is also loving life and harmony in every point. Being into sports and being addicted to it keeps my body fit and healthy. I put a lot of efforts to build my body so I’m proud of all its parts, however, I think that soul is much more important than the body. I pour my heart to every art I make, each photo I take, and to every dance I create.

  • “I’m beautiful no matter what they say, words can’t bring me down.” -Christina Aguilera
  • “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”