Anna Rassihina




About Diamond

I am known as “Diamond” because that’s how precious I think I am. I never had a modeling career but I studied the art of styling and professional makeup. As a 30-year old woman, I am interested in psychology, astrology, cooking delicious food, and taking breathtaking photography while traveling from places to places.

I weigh 121 lbs. and stance 5’4 ft. tall, with brown eyes and brown hair. People describe me as a person who is kind-hearted, sincere, honest, decent, optimist and a big dreamer. The most important thing is to have a kind heart. A kind heart is one of the main titles in the world. The personality I look up to the most is Ms. Angelina Jolie because she possesses the quality of a woman I hope to be.

  • “Happy people are beautiful people.”
  • “Believe in yourself. Belief is about all.”