Tetiana Syvokon

"Alice Moonlight"



About Alice

My real name is Tetiana Syvokon, 22 years of age, and a graduate of Journalism at National University. I have been working as a TV host for a year now. I’ve got an athletic body, long blond hair and a pair of dark green eyes. I’m into hitchhiking, sports like volleyball, dance, learning languages, and of course travelling with my pug.

My cheerful personality manifests outside me as I love to be just positive to everything I do. You’ll get to notice that I’m a friendly and warm once we get to meet in person. I’m also a responsible individual which makes me more careful about whatever decision I make. My inquisitive personality keeps me hungry for new information and knowledge about the world where we are in.

Aside from my other activities, I’m really into cabin crew career as I am passionate about flying. My pug and I love exploring new spots in the world. As I enter this modeling world, Rose Daniels inspires me the most because she is smart, funny, successful, and incredibly beautiful.

I was a nominee scholarship of the president of Ukraine; the winner of the “Kindness Day” competition. I also organized photo exhibitions and an author of the travel-project “In Search of Happiness”. These recognitions and passion of mine make me motivated to do my craft. The main asset I consider most about me is my soul and my brain. Everybody is beautiful and no one has to care about height and weight. Only charisma could help a person look different and attractive.

  • “The only true elegance is intelligence. If you have it, everything else will follow.”
  • “Every loss is a step to victory”