Bonk Be.Live Held its First Ever Team Building Event

Published on : August 15, 2018

The company’s live streaming application is becoming one of the best live streaming apps and that is just the beginning of the journey. To celebrate unity, success, and togetherness, the founder of Bonk Be.Live, Ronnie Flynn, threw a Team Building party for the employees last August 10, 2018, at the Golden Pavilion Hall of Fontana Leisure Park and Casino. It was attended by the company President, Mr. John Lamb, and other more executives.

A company pictorial was set up as it will be put on a billboard to let the world knows how amazing the team of Bonk Be.Live Team is. The highlight of the event is when the employees from the night shift and morning shift unleashed their talents through singing and dancing. Different genres and generation of songs were sung to the beat of the music. Every performance was entertaining and at full pelt! In the end, the hailed winners are the night shifters, for the dancing contest and Ms. Joydee of the Corporate team won the singing contest. It indeed fired up the night and added a little bit of sparkle to it. The event became louder and drastically enthusiastic when Mr. Ronnie Flynn threw thousands of bills up in the air. It was raining money not only once but twice!

“Bonk Be.Live is in the finals of the social media’s world stage!”

The Bonk Be.Live founder has always been generous. He came up with a money raffle draw for the employees. The grand winner took home P5,000 and another P5,000 for the most viewed live stream in the Bonk Be.Live app during the event!

Mr. Ronnie Shane, in his surprise, was given a certificate of appreciation at the latter part of the event to show a heart-warming gratitude for his undeniable leadership in founding the best social live streaming app in town.

It is indeed true that success and excellence can be achieved through teamwork. There is no such thing as “I”, but the word “We” can be found in that word. Bonk Be.Live app has many more to achieve in the future, and it is because of the collaborative team effort that everyone exerts.


Everyone is in all smiles in every click of the camera!