“It All Starts Here” Event Draws Popularity
From Social Media Users

Published on : August 16, 2018

The "It All Starts Here" event was held in SM Clark from 12th of March up until 8th of April 2018. This month-long event promotion made Bonk Be.Live application known in the public eye. The beautiful and talented Bonk Models‒Dana, Princess, and Elvira joined the event to raise brand awareness. They participated by live streaming of their own contents plus autograph signing for fans, and they also demo how the Bonk Be.Live app works to those who visited the booth.

The mall goers took a chance to have a selfie or groupie with Bonk Dog. This cute and attractive Bonk Dog statue became a favorite of everyone, particularly kids. Several raffle opportunities were given for everyone to enjoy. Bonk Be.Live Merchandise such as Bonk T-shirt, pins, pens, and notebooks were given to 10 winners among the first 100 downloaders. A cash prize worth P1,000 pesos each for the lucky five winners was drawn too. Lastly, the most-anticipated and brand new iPhone X was given to the lucky Bonk Be.Live app downloader!

“The event just showed how eager social media users are to have a new live streaming platform to show the world what they've got!"”

It was just so easy to win those prizes. The booth visitors were asked to download the Bonk Be.live app in their smartphones and to like the Facebook page of Bonk Be.Live. They had to share the page in their personal account that is visible on their timeline. Lastly, they registered their names and dropped it inside the fishbowl. The raffle date was held on April 8, 2018, at the Bonk Marketing Trade & Promotions Inc. office in Angeles City, Pampanga, and the raffle draw of winners was shown via live stream.

The event was an overall success! Bonk Be.Live hit the sky and took a fly high. Thousands of live streamers came together in the app to stream their talents and everyday life. This live streaming application became a platform of worthy contents, and it brought the world closer than ever. Indeed, it all starts here at Bonk Be.Live!


Everyone is in all smiles in every click of the camera!