The Star Search
to Stardom Wants You
to Shine the Brightest

About Star Launch

Social media is the newest platform to showcase talents to a great number of audience. Star Launch is in search of showbiz-career oriented individuals who have the power to flaunt their talents such as acting, comedy, and human interaction all over the Philippines. We are looking for talents to star different shows of Bonk Be.Live apps and be the next biggest stars of social media!


To give a chance and a breakthrough to aspiring individuals who love to show what they have got. Star Launch wants its underrated artists to keep working and dreaming for their ultimate aspiration of becoming a star by starring different shows of Bonk Be.Live apps.


In the next few years, Star Launch is the gateway to stardom in the social media world where audience and fans gather in Bonk Be.Live apps to watch their favorite artists performing what they love to do. Star Launch is the most premiere social media platform that gives local artists the opportunity to create names for themselves as homegrown stars.